Green is not just for the global environment, it can also mean providing a healthier environment for people. Fiberlock offers a range of products specifically designed to isolate and neutralize materials and organisms which are potenitally harmful. Understanding health concerns which could affect yourself or the people around you is the first step in creating a healthier environment.Green Focus involves creating products that are environmentally sound due to durability, low VOCs and use of natural components.Being Green means understanding that all waste has an impact on the earth and by reusing materials you can drastically reduce your negative impact. Our facility offers state of the art environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that help reduce negative impact on the environment. When using products and chemicals for any purpose, even green purposes, it is important to know that your safety and the safety of those around you was considered during manufacturing. Taking a proactive stance in spreading environmental and social awareness is another aspect of being green. This means looking beyond your business and take an active role in the environment by participating in organizations and programs such as USGBC®.

Green Focus
When you see a product that is Green Focus™ Certified, you know it has met a defined set of standards developed to meet issues raised in the Five Shades of Green™ classifications. In Five Shades of Green™, Fiberlock Technologies believes it has developed a comprehensive and measurable approach to being a green organization. It is Fiberlock’s aim to ensure every aspect of environmental awareness and truly become a leader in the development of “Green” products. In order to reach this goal, Fiberlock believes they must focus on every shade of “Green”.